Very little change in the market this week although some things never change and that is the current demand for high quality superfine wool. With a designated superfine sale in Sydney this week, we saw the early signs of strong demand from Europe which will continue through to December 2022. It is coming down to supply and demand, with better than expected seasonal conditions, prolonged wet conditions, delays with shearing is having an affect on processing performance factors such as length, strength, mid breaks and couple this with excess colour is reducing the pool of suitable wool for high quality wool tops. Certified wool still remains in keen demand as the search for quality in this area also. Chinese interests expressed caution this week, particularly in the 18.5 micron and finer categories, however 19.5 and broader were keenly contested and showed some improvement in price.

AWEX Eastern Indicator compared with 26/08/2022

Eastern Indicator

Close: 1330

Change in % -0.2

Authentico Index Values

15 Micron

Close: 3867

Change in %: +0.50

16 Micron

Close: 3354

Change in %: -2.40

17 Micron

Close: 2901

Change in %: +1.70

18 Micron

Close: 2247

Change in %: +0.6

19 Micron

Close: 1805

Change in %:  +0.40

Authentico Indicator

Close: 2782

Change in %: +0.18


A return to slightly larger volumes in the coming weeks will hopefully encourage more activity as exporters like to sell into volume without fear of getting caught short. Indent buyers also like larger volume offerings in the hope to spot good value when purchasing. Shipping and containerisation issues are slowly working there way forward to enable a speedier despatch of wool to its destinations.

Auction offering – current week

MarketSaleOfferedSoldPassed In
NorthS 09 10558 9120 13.6%
SouthM 09 1692514863 12.2%
WestF 09 8051 6471 19.6%

Auction offering – next week

Sale days
NorthS 10 T – W12127
SouthM 10 T – W21277
WestF 10 T – W 6158

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