Authentico Business Rules

Authentico is a Wool Integrity Scheme which authenticates and certifies the delivery flow of wool from the origin of supply, the Authentico certified wool grower, through to delivery of the wool tops to a customer of The Schneider Group. 

Authentico is a private quality scheme that should not be used for commercial gain by any 3rd party without prior written consent from the Chief Executive Officer of The Schneider Group. 

Registered growers must comply with the Authentico Integrity Scheme rules with respect to the wool industry, animal, environmental and human welfare standards as set out in the Authentico Integrity Scheme registration documentation. 

Growers will be registered immediately on application and verified as their wool becomes available for sale. Individual lots for processing batches will be certified by an independent certification body on request. 

Grower registration is to be renewed every year or if the rules of registration to the Authentico Integrity Scheme are changed. In the latter case, The Schneider Group will publish any changes and seek renewal of the membership, if deemed necessary. 

Clips are to be classed in Australia in accordance with the AWEX Wool Classer Code of Practice and in New Zealand in accordance with industry best practice guidelines as prescribed by the New Zealand Wool Classers Association. However, each registered brand may contain occasional farm lots that are not and therefore these lots, offered as D Certificates, will not be valid or certified under the Scheme. 

Growers accept when registering with Authentico, that an independent certification body may conduct random audits or inspections of registered Authentico growers on behalf of The Schneider Group. 

Growers also accept visits of photographers hired by the Schneider Group at mutually agreed times. The reason for the photographer’s visit is to take images of sheep and property to be used for marketing purposes by the Schneider Group as well as Authentico customers along the supply chain. In addition, Growers are kindly requested to welcome Authentico supply chain partners on their property. In both mentioned instances, the Schneider Group would arrange and coordinate the visit well in advance. 

If a change in circumstance(s) places an Authentico registration outside the rules of the Scheme, the grower/member must inform The Schneider Group immediately. The grower must describe to The Schneider Group how this circumstance(s) deviated from the detail provided in their registration to the Authentico Integrity Scheme. Where major non-compliance is detected, membership from Integrity Scheme is removed and supply will not be drawn from this farm. Re-entry will be referred to Senior Management for decision.

All private information provided by all growers to the Authentico Integrity Scheme will be kept totally confidential by The Schneider Group and will not be shared with any 3rd party besides the independent certification body in the case of a random audit. 

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Date: 12 April 2022