The Authentico® Integrity Scheme by Schneider

Wool Traceability

From Farm Gate to Wool Top

Easy and simple

Authentico®ensures a transparent supply chain from farm gate to wool tops

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How does Authentico work?

  • Building on existing standards

    The Integrity Scheme makes use of existing standards, best practices and legislations honoured by wool growers already.

  • Easy application

    Wool growers who wish to be part of the scheme can register online by filling in a short and easy registration form.

  • Documented and audited

    All registrations will be documented and audited through local authorities.

  • Available at Auction

    Licensed wool clips will be listed in the official auction catalogue and are available for sale at auction.

  • Traceable along the Schneider supply chain

    The Schneider Group will purchase Authentico licenced wool that is suitable for our wide range of types, privately or at auction, to build commercial quantities for export to our own specialised combing mills in Italy and Egypt.

  • Certified wool tops

    The wool will be scoured and combed into wool tops for sale to spinners, weavers and retailers.

  • Fully traceable

    During this entire process  the wool is fully traceable back to its origin.

Authentico Integrity Scheme Guidelines

Download our Authentico Brochure

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Wool Growers

If your wool and sheep operation is based in Australia or New Zealand then please click the link below for more information.

Authentico in your country

Our Integrity Scheme will be slowly rolled out globally. If are interested in joining the Authentico please get in contact with us.


Are you a spinner, weaver or retailer and interested in using Authentico wool in your garments? Then get in touch with us.