Source Luxurious Dehaired Cashmere for your Premium Products

  • Sourced locally

    Our team sources cashmere directly from cashmere growers in Afghanistan, China and Mongolia.

  • Dehairing plant

    We operate our own dehairing plant in Mongolia.

  • Fine micron range

    Our dehaired cashmere qualities range between 14.5 to 16.7 micron.

  • Broad range of colours

    We offer dehaired cashmere in white, beige and various shades of brown.

  • Pure cashmere and blends

    We can offer you the right kind of product – from long, white, pure dehaired cashmere to wool-cashmere blends.

  • On site expert

    We have our own cashmere expert to assist you on site to create innovative cashmere products.

Over the last 30 years, we have also developed our own expertise for dehaired cashmere fibre. Our cashmere team sources high-quality cashmere directly from the cashmere growers in Afghanistan, China as well as Mongolia. In addition, we run our own cashmere dehairing plant in Mongolia to ensure high quality as well as traceability of this previous animal hair fibre.

The dehaired cashmere qualities range from 14.5 to 16.7 micron in colours of white, beige and various shades of brown. The large variety of cashmere qualities ensures that we can offer you the right product for your manufacturing needs – from long, white, pure cashmere to wool-cashmere blends.

We want to make sure that your product succeeds, therefore we have our own cashmere manufacturing experts on standby to assist you with any manufacturing issues that may come up during the process. We can even help you with your product development and make sure you choose the right type of cashmere for your end product.

If you have any questions about our cashmere supply chain or are interested in buying dehaired cashmere then please contact us via our contact page.