Fuhrmann NZ Market Report

Published February 14, 2019 by Helen Cameron

Good style dearer, poorer style cheaper.

  • Comment
    Combined North & South Island selling today with 13,000 bales on offer.  The selection consisted of 55 percent average/poorer style fleece, 25 percent lambs good/average styles, with some better and 20 percent average/inferior style oddments.  China/Australasian carpet mills main with support from India, United Kingdom and Europe.
  • Fleece
    In a small selection good style fleeces sellers favour.

    Other styles firm.

  • Second Shears
    Good colour shears very firm.

    Poorer colour buyers favour.

  • Lambs
    Generally 2% cheaper.
  • Oddments
    All descriptions firm.
  • Passings
    12% Passed In.
  • Next Auction
    South Island only selling 21st February with approximately 8,700 bales on offer.

Fleece Summary

Good Style Fleece

Variation %:  Sellers favour.

Second Shears Summary

Good Colour Shears

Variation %: Very firm

Poorer Colour Shears

Variation %: Buyers favour.


All descriptions

Variation %: 2


All descriptions

Variation %: Firm