Fuhrmann NZ Market Report

Published September 13, 2018 by Helen Cameron

Halfbreds cheaper, Crossbreds dearer.

  • Comment
    South Island only selling today with 12,500 bales on offer.  There was a wide variety of wool on offer.  The selection consisted of a limited selection of merino fleece, a reasonable selection of halfbred fleece 23.0 to 27.0 micron and coarser micron fleece 36.0 to 38.0 micron.  China and Europe main with support from Australasian carpet mills, Indian Subcontinent and the United Kingdom.
  • Fleece
    In  a limited selection merino fleece 16.0 to 21.0 micron firm.

    22.0 to 27.5 micron fleece erratic but generally 5% cheaper.

    28.0 to 30.0 micron fleece 2% cheaper.

    31.0 to 33.0 micron fleece up to 4% dearer.

    34.0 micron coarser fleece 1.5% dearer.

  • Second Shears
    75-100 mm & shorter firm.
  • Combing Oddments
    All descriptions firm.
  • Short Oddments
    All descriptions sellers favour.
  • Passings
    18% Passed In.
  • Next Auction
    North Island only selling 20 September with 6,800 bales on offer.

Fleece Summary

Merino Fleece

Variation %:  Firm

Halfbred Fleece

Variation %:  2-5

Crossbred Fleece

Variation %:  1.5-4

Second Shears Summary

75-100mm & shorter

Variation %: Firm

Combing Oddments

All descriptions

Variation %: Firm

Short Oddments

All descriptions

Variation %: Sellers favour.