Market strengthens again.


North Island offering 5,600 bales and South Island offering 8,700 bales.  North Island selection consisted of 75% good/average colour crossbred shears, bulk mainly good colour, length +/-3″, 5% crossbred fleece good/average colour, 5% end of season clothing lambs 29.0-31.0 micron generally average colour, 10% associated oddments, mainly clothing length and 5% miscellaneous types.  The South Island selection was 45% fleece mainly good colour with a small selection of average colour, 20% crossbred shears good colour, length 2/3-3/5, 10% early season halfbred fleeces, good colour, 5% end of season lambs and 20% miscellaneous types.  Both Islands continued the momentum of the previous weeks gains with another lift particularly on the very good colour and the small offering of average colour fleeces.  All buyers were competing strongly across all sectors and the auction finished on a very positive note.  Main competition was from South East Asia, China, Middle East and was well supported from Australasian mills.

Fleece Wools

Crossbred Fleece good colour 2% dearer.

Average colour 4% dearer.

Second Shears

All descriptions fully firm.


In a small selection good/average colour firm.


Clothing oddments all descriptions 3.5% dearer.

Combing oddments 4% dearer.


13% Passed In.

Next Auction

South Island only, offering 10,285 bales, 13 August 2020.