New tussah cocoons came out at the end of October. The production is similar to last year, but the price has increased by around 10% and the tussah silk filament increased by around 20% sharply in November. As per Tussah top, the price is stable due to a positive demand and most of the cocoons are used for silk quilts which were more profitable and sold well throughout this season.
Mulberry cocoons season was finished before the end of October. Stock cocoons are mainly used for silk quilts. As per tops, the prices and demand are still steady. So the prices have not changed although the price of cocoons went up 20% in October. Close to the end of the year, prices come down to a reasonable level.
All in all, the market has been quiet, with the exception of tussah filament and silk quilts. Without growing demand, the offering prices have recently stayed stable.
Even if the Chinese New Year is approaching soon, both market activity and prices should continue to stay stable with no big changes to be expected.