Welcome to the Authentico Integrity Scheme

Congratulations! You have successfully registered for the Authentico Integrity Scheme! Please read about the next steps here:

  • Authentico is in demand

    We appreciate your support of our initiative to take your wool to our clients. We are already having some good inquiry for Authentico certified wool tops so your membership to our programme is greatly appreciated.

  • Include Authentico in your NWD

    Please ensure that you complete the National Wool Declaration and include “Authentico” as a quality assurance scheme on your classer specification. A seamless and transparent flow of the information is important, including the identification of “Authentico” in the auction catalogue.

  • Confirm our email newsletter subscription

    Through the registration, you are also signed up to our Authentico e-mail list where we will keep you updated about Authentico. Please check your email inbox for an email from The Schneider Group and confirm your subscription to our Authentico e-mail list. This is important, in order for us to communicate regularly with you. Check your spam folder in case you did not receive our email confirmation.

  • Receive your stencil by mail

    We will send you the Authentico stencil to brand your bales.