Authentico Index Values and Authentico Indicator

The Authentico Index Values and the Authentico Indicator consider only wool from farms who no longer mules and who meet our Authentico Quality Scheme standards. The average indicators are derived from good performing fleece wool but include not only the very best lots but also a range of good performing top-making types that reflect our full range of client requirements. The Authentico Index Values and Authentico Indicator are different from the previous Schneider indexes which included wool types no longer relevant to our client requirements and weren’t specific with regards to the mulesing status. Like any index, the Authentico indicators are derived from a pool of types and do not reflect any specific wool type. 

Authentico Index Values

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Authentico Indicator

The Authentico Indicator is calculated by taking the micron index values (see above) and weighing these index values in relation to the demand for Authentico certified wool. In this calculation, it is estimated that 80% of the Schneider Group wool purchase lies in the range of 15.5 and 18.5 micron.

The following ratio is applied to the Authentico Index Values to calculate the Authentico Indicator:

15.0 10%
16.0 20%
17.0 30%
18.0 30%
19.0 10%

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Wool Market Indicators up to end October 2020