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Sydney and Melbourne Market Report

Published June 27, 2018 by Tim Marwedel

Market opened cautiously and cheaper but closes at levels similar to last week.

  • Comment
    On average the market will be quoted cheaper but prices and confidence improved during the sale. Some irregularities still in the inferior types. The passed in rate dropped during the sale as the market improved.
  • Fleece
    All better specification generally unchanged. Strong demand still on the better fine weaving types.

    Average style and specification 17.0 / 18.0 micron 1% easier.

    18.5 / 21.5 micron initially up to 1% easier but closed unchanged.

  • Skirtings
    1% easier in a poor quality selection.
  • Open Top
    Nominally 1% easier.

Fleece Summary


Variation: –

average 17.0/18.0

Variation: 1%


Variation: –

Skirtings Summary

all descriptions

Variation in %: 1

Open Top Summary

All descriptions nominally

Variation in %: 1

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